Would you like to get out on the Snowy River and local waterways and go exploring? Maybe you would just like to see what Stand Up Paddleboarding is like.  It is the new craze that has hit the water in the last decade and it’s popularity has grown quickly.  Renting a board for a few hours or half a day is the perfect way to achieve this.  We also offer a short course and rental if you would like to get some skills before you head out.


The perfect length of time for a wee jaunt on the water or for the beginner paddler who would just like to try SUPing for the first time.  A great 2 hours of fun for the kids.

Price: $30


  • 2 hours board and paddle rental including safety equipment.
  • Also includes basic instruction and a safety briefing.


If you would like a bit of extra time to explore the Snowy River estuary, then a longer rental is ideal for you.  A half day rental allows you the flexibility to take your time and enjoy the estuary and to poke your nose into those distant corners.  Take a picnic and enjoy a leisurely outing.

Price: $40


  • Half day board and paddle rental including safety equipment.
  • Also includes basic instruction and a safety briefing.


This is a great deal for the complete novice who would like to give standup paddle boarding a go, and just wants a few extra tips to ensure they get the most out of the experience.  Highly recommended for first timers, we give you on-water instruction so that you have your paddling technique, stance and steering all worked out before you head off on your own little adventure.

Price: $50


  • 2 hours board and paddle rental
  • 30 minutes on-water instruction (included in the 2 hours)
  • All safety equipment is provided.
  • Includes a safety briefing.

SUP DOWNWIND TOURS – Self-guided (2hr or Half Day)

With the wind on your back, head on down the Snowy or Brodribb for a one-way journey.  This is the true leisure trip, with your sail hoisted (the sail is you), paddling is actually just for fun.

The Marlo to Frenches Narrows trip is our most popular, however trips are available on the Snowy between Orbost and Marlo and the Brodribb River. 

Price: 2hrs from $50

Half Day from $60

(prices are dependent on group size)


  • SUP rental, basic instruction
  • All safety equipment and briefings.
  • Pick-up/Drop-off included.